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Welcome to Libergeek

I was looking at the internet today and thought to myself, “Hey, the internet doesn’t seem to have any websites where random people can spout of their opinions”.  I should probably do something about that.

Truth is, I love a good debate.  That’s a fortunate fact because as a libertarian I tend to be at odds with both conservatives and liberals on  a variety of issues.  Even though I am very secure in my convictions, I am not arrogant enough to believe I am right about everything so I particularly enjoy talking to people who disagree with me and/or possess knowledge and experiences which I do not.  My mind doesn’t change easily or often but I do appreciate when people try.

So, if you enjoy debate and can effectively back up your points of view, please stop by regularly to read my posts and tell me why I am right or why I am wrong.  I’ll be sure to read all responses and return the favor.


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